What is coaching?

Moving forward!

Ok! That’ coaching for you in two words. Delving a little deeper, all of us have a desire to excel, grow, thrive, flourish and be fruitful. Deeper still is a desire to experience satisfaction in our lives. Just to illustrate further, we can compare our life to a wheel with many spokes and these spokes depict the various roles we play every day:

And these roles define our relationships, and our satisfaction stems from effectively balancing these relationships.


These relationships demand certain key expectations

Work: Contribution and Performance

Leadership: Service and influence

Family: Love and security

Social forums: Empathy and care

To meet these expectations we need to create some space to think and reflect, if we can effectively do it we can excel, grow, thrive, flourish and be fruitful and coaching just helps you do that. So what’s coaching in a nutshell?

It’s a special conversational relationship which involves powerful questioning and deeper thinking that leads to awareness and clarity which further helps in creating positive moving-forward action.

Let’s make it very simple: Ramesh is senior manager who has been in the present role for past 3 years, he realizes that he wants to move forward in his career but is wondering what step to take, he is still clueless about what choices he can make and that’s because he is thinking about moving forward to the next level only from last week. So what does Ramesh do? He tells his friend sathya and sathya suggests him to meet a career coach. The career coach helps Ramesh in next 4 months to come up with options and choose the best option that makes Ramesh very happy and Ramesh feels he’s moving forward finally. So what did the coach do?

Ramesh met coach once in two weeks, on Tuesdays in the evening from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM, they spoke 8 times, this special time is called an intervention. During this intervention, the coach asked Ramesh, what he wanted to discuss and then further asked some very powerful questions that helped Ramesh explore avenues he had never thought about, slowly Ramesh becomes aware of who he really is – His strengths, values, traits, the pattern of choices he makes and so many other aspects, he also gained a lot of clarity about where he really stands right now, what he deeply seeks, what is his goal. And slowly this realization helped him to look at various way-forward options and he now was clear about his path and framed it as a goal with clear actionable steps, and during the 6 and 7 intervention he shared about his progress towards his goal by being accountable to himself and the coach and by the 8th intervention, Ramesh had achieved his goal. Amazing isn’t it!

Coaching has many applications and helps not only with career goals but with other important aspects as well, featuring on my next post: Where all coaching can be applied?

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