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Building Innovation Driven Leaders and Culture

Innovation is about creating value in fresh ways to an existing need and customer segment. It’s a crucial and innate capability that allows organizations to thrive and sustain the onslaught of the ever changing social, economical, demographical and technology paradigms. Leaders most often get struck in siloed processes and systems that do not allow them to experience growth. This mindset and skill is beyond crucial and the good news is that it can learned, imbibed and developed.
Innovation is a matter of culture and its intentional. The prerequisites is having a mindset to take risks, experiment and consistently focus on observing and being analytical. It requires a new set of eyes and whole different level of insight of seeing the same world - customers, products, markets and economic shifts but in a different way leading to scaled growth. Its about challenging the status quo and much believed assumptions.

Top 6 benefits for your organization

Gain powerful customer insights and align value proposition
Ideate and prototype phenomenal customer-centric solutions
Challenge assumptions and run focussed experiments
Develop crucial innovative leadership competencies
Learn and understand unique operational business models
Develop an actionable innovation culture blueprint

Solutions and Programs

Our Approach to Innovation Workshops

Neuroscience gives us deep insights into how people best learn and change through lived experiences. This is the basis for our systematic behavioral transformation approach:

What makes us different?

1. Co-Creation all the way

We believe that you understand the context better and we the process of creating innovative and high impact programs and our co-created projects are assured to bring the best results.

2. Prototyping Process

Continuous improvement is what guarantees success, our focus is to build a prototype program that’s seriously validated with a segment of our leadership population to ensure we learn and apply to make the programs highly effective.

3. Learners voice matters

The voice of the learner matters for us, the continuous feedback process both during and after the program helps us to co-create ‘on the job’

4. Rapid progress

We believe in immediate learning application that translates into progress that’s fast yet lasting and effective.

5. Intense focus

For us, your top organizational objective is the one metric that matters. Our focus is to ensure that all our efforts are cumulative in achieving the objective.

We work with leaders at all levels, segments, and functions of an organization.

We believe innovation is about culture and our efforts and focus are about making this a reality.
Organizational Leadership/Senior Executives

Transitioning from a functional or business unit leader to an organizational leader is challenging especially when you have to lead innovation. We help them get stronger in this role.

Middle level leadership

Growing from leading others to be the manager of managers is one of the greatest challenges high potential leaders face, we equip them with right innovation tools and skills to lead better.

Front-line leadership

Front-line leaders, along with their teams, are pivotal with regards to executing the innovation culture. We equip them to execute smarter, faster and better.

Results, Impact and Feedback

“Our first phase of Global Innovation Immersion program commenced this year. This innovative training concept works better than I ever imagined, Our senior and mid-management feel enthusiastic and customers more than happy. The plan is to continue and complete the next phases in 2019!”
CEO Large Automobile Major
``We never imagined that an Innovation boot camp can create tons of ideas that are business oriented, we were able to churn and apply 3 ideas in our business unit and its helped in improving SLA scores``
BU Head Large Multinational Bank

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